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This is also a place with its own atmosphere. Like our hotel, the space of the restaurant tells the history of old Lviv, and the bar directly shows that cool and famous things were made there. On the walls there are collages about the historical events of the city, and if you look up, in the chandelier you will see a part of the life of Lviv residents from past centuries.
Yes, indeed, our bar is part of an old bus made by the Lviv Bus Plant. That profile and those colors that are well known by a generation of passengers older than the independence of Ukraine. Such buses were made in Lviv, and they ran throughout the country. Probably, in the nooks of the former union, somewhere in the villages, part of this ancient generation of public transport continues to do its job. Nash has already served, and we left his "face" as an element of the interior and bar.

In addition to historical details and art objects, we have a delicious cuisine, pour true beer brewed on Znesinnya, as well as cherry liqueur, and if it is not enough, we make cocktails. Sometimes you can even find yourself at a party. In addition to drinking coffee and having breakfast or lunch, people gather here for various hang-outs.

There is an exit from the restaurant to the terrace, which is also used for banquets, presentations and conferences. We work every day from 8:00 to 22:00. For more details and booking call +38 (067) 731 37 30